Announcing my re-election campaign


I am excited to announce that I am running for re-election to the Blacksburg Town Council alongside Council Members John Bush and Jerry Ford. While we are running unopposed for our council seats, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and encouragement. I am proud of the Town Council’s record of service to the community over the past four years:

  • Voted unanimously in favor of a rezoning and development agreement for the Old Blacksburg Middle School property. This site will include a new police station, parking garage, hotel, office buildings, apartments, and a three-acre park.
  • Reviewed numerous requests for additional housing in Blacksburg. Throughout the discussions, I have considered the effects of Virginia Tech growth on our neighborhoods and community.
  • Supported the Downtown Strategic Plan, which presents a forward-thinking vision for our downtown.
  • Made changes to the Zoning Ordinance to allow food trucks, homestays, accessory apartments, and backyard chickens. Continue reading “Announcing my re-election campaign”

Election Day 2015


It’s Election Day again! Four years ago, I was elected to my first term on the Blacksburg Town Council, and now John Bush, Leslie Hager-Smith, and I are running unopposed for our council seats. Thanks to your support and encouragement, these past few years have been phenomenal and I am proud of my record of service to our community:

  • Supported downtown businesses by voting to purchase land to expand public parking, establish a downtown refuse and recycling program, and create a Live/Work/Sell Arts Overlay District to encourage owner-occupied arts businesses near downtown
  • Celebrated the completion of the College Avenue Promenade and the opening of the IMAX at First & Main
  • Advocated for our fair share of transportation funds through my role as a town representative on the Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Worked to bring more affordable housing opportunities to our town through two years of service on the Blacksburg Housing and Community Development Advisory Board and support for rezoning requests on Grissom Lane and Givens Lane
  • Sought a pragmatic and sustainable approach to local development that allows Blacksburg to grow but protects neighborhoods and quality of life through votes on numerous rezoning requests and a five-year update to the town’s Comprehensive Plan
  • Served as a town representative on the 10-Year Economic Development Plan Steering Committee and the Blacksburg Partnership Board of Directors
  • Voted yes on resolutions to preserve Stadium Woods, save Harding Avenue Elementary School, and oppose the Mountain Valley Pipeline

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Vote today; polls open until 7 p.m.

Dear Supporter:

Election Day is here! Over the past few months, I have relied on the generosity and support of many of you. Whether you knocked on doors or passed out literature, donated to the campaign, or attended a forum or house party to learn more about town issues, I am thankful for your willingness to participate in the democratic process. But I still have one more request from you: your vote.

The polls are open today from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Make sure you double-check your polling place online before you vote in case it has changed due to redistricting.

Together, we can make sure Blacksburg continues the progress it has made in recent years, experiences responsible economic development, values its natural resources and cultural heritage, and keeps its government open and transparent.

Thank you,

Michael Sutphin
Candidate for Blacksburg Town Council

Make history in Blacksburg today

The following letter to the editor by Bryce Carter and Michael Sutphin originally appeared in the Collegiate Times on Nov. 3, 2009:

This morning, poll workers will arrive at multiple schools, places of worship, the library and the community center in Blacksburg to partake in the democratic process. Candidates and their volunteers will bring yard signs, stickers and campaign literature to the polling places. And voters will select on a touch screen which candidate they believe will best represent the people while in office.

But today is not just any Election Day. It is an opportunity to make history in Blacksburg. Continue reading “Make history in Blacksburg today”

Blacksburg’s youth must vote

The following letter to the editor originally appeared in the Collegiate Times on Aug. 27, 2009:

In past elections, most candidates for Blacksburg Town Council did little to court the votes of students and young professionals.

They declined to knock on doors in student neighborhoods or mail campaign literature to campus addresses. And they had good reason. Many students are registered to vote in their hometowns instead of in Blacksburg. Others skipped the May election to study for finals or pack for the summer.

But that has all changed. Continue reading “Blacksburg’s youth must vote”