One week to go

Friends, neighbors, and supporters:

Over the past several months, I have brought my campaign for Blacksburg Town Council to the people. I have passed out campaign flyers at Steppin’ Out and Gobblerfest, organized house parties and fundraisers, reached out to groups like the Environmental Coalition and the Mount Tabor Ruritans, spoken at town forums, and knocked on more doors than I can count. And I have counted on the support of my friends and neighbors who have donated their time and money to the campaign. This weekend, I was proud to receive an endorsement from The Roanoke Times.

But I still need your help to win. Continue reading “One week to go”

The Roanoke Times endorses Michael Sutphin

Today, The Roanoke Times endorsed Michael Sutphin along with incumbents John Bush and Leslie Hager-Smith for Blacksburg Town Council. The editorial board provided two key reasons to vote for Michael:

First, he represents the future of Blacksburg. This is an excellent time to elect a newcomer with fresh perspectives. The rest of the council is stable and well qualified. Sutphin therefore would have an opportunity to learn from experienced members and perhaps become a civic leader for years to come. … Second, Sutphin is just the sort of young professional Blacksburg strives to attract and retain. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2006 and has been a public relations specialist for the university since then. That means he still is close enough to the student community that he could bring insights to improve town-gown relations.

Check out the full endorsement on The Roanoke Times website.

Sutphin campaign picks up key endorsements

Citizens First, a Blacksburg group that advocates for open and responsive government, endorsed Michael Sutphin for town council today:

Sutphin has demonstrated his firm understanding of Town issues during his service on the Long Range Planning Committee, and has been a strong advocate for collaborative governance, vibrant citizen democracy, and development of Blacksburg’s technology sector. He will serve as a bridge to a younger generation of Blacksburg residents. Continue reading “Sutphin campaign picks up key endorsements”