Sutphin campaign picks up key endorsements

Citizens First, a Blacksburg group that advocates for open and responsive government, endorsed Michael Sutphin for town council today:

Sutphin has demonstrated his firm understanding of Town issues during his service on the Long Range Planning Committee, and has been a strong advocate for collaborative governance, vibrant citizen democracy, and development of Blacksburg’s technology sector. He will serve as a bridge to a younger generation of Blacksburg residents. Continue reading “Sutphin campaign picks up key endorsements”

The future of Blacksburg

Friends, neighbors, and supporters,

When I think about the future of Blacksburg, I imagine a thriving, prosperous town filled with pride in its neighborhoods, schools, and sense of community.

With any luck, Blacksburg will continue to be an intellectually and culturally stimulating town with a wide range of employment and housing opportunities, anchored by a vibrant downtown and connected to the world through new technologies. It will be a town that has experienced economic recovery, valued its natural resources and cultural heritage, benefited from a sense of regionalism, and engaged its citizens with open, transparent government.

I am running for Blacksburg Town Council because I want to be a part of that future, but I need your help. Continue reading “The future of Blacksburg”

2011 Sustainability Week

For the fifth consecutive year, the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia Tech, and Sustainable Blacksburg have partnered to sponsor Sustainability Week, Sept. 18-24.

There is much that the Town of Blacksburg can do to ensure that we are good stewards of our environment and use our resources in a way that meets not only our needs but also the needs of future generations, including: Continue reading “2011 Sustainability Week”